Looking smart and stylish may be a difficult task, trying to make a fashion statement while maintaining sophistication and professionalism in the workplace has challenged many over the years. Here are some tips to make it a little easier:

1. Casual Looks – Working women have translated this to mean everything from shorts to sundresses, but in its most literal sense. Tasteful pants and a blouse, elegant skirts and jersey tops and are all examples of business casual. T-shirts and flip flops – all Phenom 90 years – is only acceptable in most environments relaxed.
2. Casual Wear – In line with the company, it may mean everything from casual to business rather than seek formal or “Wear your company logo shirt and jeans.
3. Conduct official business for women – what comprises business suits (skirts and jackets pairs) and, in most workplaces, trouser suits (pants and jacket pairs). Blouses, piping and traditional hair, jewelry and makeup required.

We pulled together a suit look, with a touch of vintage chic and a lot of  class for today’s outfit.

Yves Saint Laurent vest size 8 $395 and pants size 8 $425 / Derek Lam top size 8 $259 / Susan Van Linde shoes size 40 $225 / Chanel bag $568 / Fresh water pearls  $138